Insert Media


There are times that you may wish to include video or audio from an external source, instead of uploading these files directly to Church360° Unite. There are many benefits to including media from these sources, as some video or audio players may offer some more robust options, such as closed captioning that aren't included within the video and audio players within Church360° Unite. The Insert Media feature of Church360° Unite allows you to include the video and audio players from these external sources, for you to use on your church website.

Note: The maximum file size for any file uploaded directly to Church360° is 100MB. Using the insert media feature by uploading your video or audio to an external source will help you include these larger video an audio files.

  1. Click the Edit tab on the left side of the page to turn on Edit Mode
  2. Within the cell that you want to add the video/audio to, hover over the cell, and click the pencil icon that appears to start editing that cell.
  3. Click within the cell, and on the editor bar, click the "Insert Media" button. This button looks like a filmstrip with a play button on it.
  4. The insert media window will appear. Copy the URL (website address) for the video or audio that you want to insert. Click the green checkmark to place the media within your cell.