Edit Mode


Edit Mode allows you to edit text, links, and pictures on pages and posts on your website. After editing, make sure you hit the "Publish" (or Save Draft button if your page is still in draft mode) to finalize any edits you have made, otherwise your changes won't be saved!

The Editor bar is the toolbar that appears when you click in a cell while in Edit Mode. It contains many features for editing text and formatting as well as adding additional content, such as videos or audio files.

To make any changes to your page, including content and layout changes, Edit mode must be turned on.

To do this, click on the edit tab on the left side of the page. This will extend the edit tab to the left side of the screen.

If cells shrink or disappear when the Edit tab is extended, please email support at  support@360unite.zendesk.com and we will get to the problem quickly.