Editor Bar


The Editor bar is used to make changes to your selected page.

There are several different options to work with, including:

  • Paragraph Format Styles—changes the font size.
  • Bold—allows you to bold the font.
  • Italic—allows you to italicize the font.
  • Underline—allows you to underline text.
  • Strike-through—strikes a line through the text.
  • Alignment - choose the alignment for the paragraph
    • Align Left—left aligns your text.
    • Align Center—center aligns your text.
    • Align Right right aligns your text.
    • Justify—allows you to justify the text.
  • Insert/Remove Bulleted List—allows you to add/remove a bulleted list.
  • Insert/Remove Numbered List— allows you to add/remove a numbered list.
  • Block Quote—allows you to add block quote (solid bar) to text.
  • Decrease Indent—decreases the indent (only works with bulleted/ numbered lists).
  • Increase Indent—increases the indent (only works with bulleted/numbered lists).
  • Undo—allows you to undo changes that you have made while editing your page.
  • Redo—allows you to redo changes that you have made while editing your page.
  • Link/Unlink—used for linking/unlinking different items.
  • Insert Horizontal Line—adds a horizontal line on the page.
  • Insert Asset—allows you to add an asset to your page
    • Image—used to add an image to your page.
    • Audio—used to add audio files to your site (MP3 is recommended).
    • Video—used to upload video files to your page (MP4 is recommended).
  • Insert Media—allows you to embed a media's URL to your page
  • Insert Table—allows you to add a table into your page.
  • Add Group—used to add links to created groups
  • HTML Block—allows you to add HTML code to the page