Add Page


Clicking on Add Page will open a window that will allow you to add a new page. Pages can be in the menu by themselves or listed within a category.

Church360 Unite has five basic page types:

Static Pages

The most versatile of page types, static pages start from scratch and are able to be edited fully. These pages can contain a variety of information.

Feed Page

This page is used mostly for Sermon recordings or other outreach events.

Group Page

This page is used to create group pages.

Calendar Page

Used to create new events and calendars, this page is created by default and can be found in Active Menu Items. It displays your created events, Church360° Events, and Google Calendar Events.

Google Calendar Events are not able to be edited from within Unite.

Member Page

This type displays your members and is created by default and can be found in Active Menu Items.

This page is automatically populated if you have a Church360° Members website.

If you are a Shepherds Staff user you will need to run a utility to get the member information uploaded.

To add a new page,

  1. Log in as an Admin or Publisher then click on Pages on the admin bar.
  2. Click on the Add Page icon. A new window will appear. There are 19 pages to choose from. Each will contain helper information to give you an idea on how to best format the page.
  3. Select the page that you would like to create and click on create page. Your new page will show in the Available Menu Items. You can rename the page if you would like or leave it as it is.
  4. Our next step would be to click on the page and move it to its appropriate order under Active Menu Items.
  5. Once you have the new page placed click on Save Changes to save your new page.