Actions for Selected Pages


The “Actions for Selected Pages” links change the status and visibility of your pages

  • Publish—make the pages viewable on the site
  • Make Draft—pages with this status will only be viewable when the person is logged in as an administrator or a publisher
  • Delete—deletes the selected page. Once the page has been deleted you will not be able to get it back
  • Public—makes a page public (pages will be viewable by anyone who visits your site. The person visiting your site does not have to be logged in to see these pages)
  • Private—makes a page private (pages will only be viewable by those who log into your site)

To update a page's status,

  1. Click “Pages” on the admin bar.
  2. Select the page that you are changing the status of.
  3. Once you have your page selected, click the appropriate action (publish, make draft, delete, public, private) to change the page’s status or to delete the page.
  4. After all changes have been made, click the “Save Changes” button