Invite Users to Access your Website


The “Users” page allows you to invite people to become users of your site or update their role within your site.

To invite a user to your site,

  1. Click “Users” on the admin
  2. Select the User(s) that you want to
  3. If the person that you wish to add is not in the list or you do not have a Church360° Members account, you can click the “Add People” button.
    • To create a user this way, you will need to enter their first name, last name, and email
    • If you want to add more than one user, use the Import From CSV option available in the “Add People” popup window.
  4. Select the users whose role you want to edit by checking the box to the left of their
  5. Click “Change Role” to open the edit
  6. Choose the appropriate role for the individual(s) that you are If you have users that do not have an email address, you can enter that information in here.
  7. Once you have made your changes, click the “Update” button to send an email to each user that has a valid email address.