Manage Users


The “Users” link in the admin bar displays the current users in the system. The user’s name, email, role, last sign in date, and whether they are listed on your Members Page. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

  1. Click “Users” on the admin bar.
  2. Select the user(s) that you want to modify by clicking the box next to their name. Select the appropriate action for the user(s) (change role, list, unlist, or delete).
  3. Once all changes have been made, click “Close” to exit the Users page.

Actions for Selected Users include:

  • Change Role—changes the user’s role (user, publisher, or administrator)
  • List—chooses whether or not a person is displayed on the Members Page
  • Unlist—Removes a person from the Members Page
  • Delete—deletes the user from the system
  • Add People—adds new users to the site (Note: if you are using Shepherds Staff or Church360° Members, add the person to your church management software first, then add the user to your Church360° Unite website (automatic for Church360° Members; run the Sync process for Shepherds Staff).