How do I upload a PDF to my Unite site? [FAQ]


To add a PDF to a Unite page for viewing and downloading,

1. You'll go onto the page you want and click the Edit button to put the page into Edit mode. You should see cells appear. Click the cell you want to add the PDF to and click the Pencil icon to make the cell itself editable.



2. Within the cell, select the text or image you want to add a link to.

3. An editing bar should appear by now so you can choose the paperclip-looking icon to create a link.



4. On the Link prompt, choose "A file for download" for a PDF.



5. When "A file for download" is selected, an additional section should appear that allows you to click the "Upload" button to choose your PDF from a file explorer.

6. Once you have your file chosen, click the "Add" button to finish.