Why are my images coming in sideways?


When importing images, you may have encountered a time where you look at the image on your computer, and it appears to be oriented in the way you expected, but when you upload the image to Unite, the image appears sideways, or even upside down. This is usually due to the images being taken on a cell phone or a device that has an accelerometer in it that changes the orientation of the screen when you take a picture. When a device like this takes a picture, it applies what is called an "exif tag" to the image which contains data on the image, including what way the image should be oriented, in spite of how the image was actually taken. However, Unite reads the raw image data without this exif tag, so sometimes, your images may come in oriented the wrong direction, even though it looks correct in other software.

So, to fix this issue, what you can do if you notice this problem is to re-save the image from unite, and then, open a photo viewing program and re-orient the image to the way you expected to see it. Then, re-upload the image to Unite and the image will now be oriented properly.