Upload a PDF


In order to upload a PDF to your page and make it viewable/downloadable,

  1. Click the Edit Page tab to the left on your screen.
  2. Click the pencil in the cell where you want the document to go. 
  3. Add an image or type out some text to attach the download link to.
  4. Select the image or string of words
  5. Click the "Link to" button in your tool bar.
  6. Choose "A file for download" from the "Link type" drop list. 
  7. Click the Upload button to navigate, choose, and upload your PDF. 
  8. Once the PDF is uploaded, click on it in the section "Assets uploaded on this page," just underneath the Upload button.
  9. Click the "Add" button in the lower right.  You will be directed back out to your page. If linking the file to text, you will see that the word is now highlighted. 
  10. Click the check-mark in the upper right corner of your cell to lock the cell. 
  11. Click the image or text to make sure that another tab opens and displays your PDF. 
  12. Once this is confirmed, click Publish from the Edit Page tab in Unite to complete your updates.