Edit Group Preferences and Visibility


You can edit your group’s preferences from your group’s page. Preferences include title, description, pages, visibility, who can join, and the option to delete the group.

  1. Navigate to your group’s page, and click the “Edit this Group” link on the right side of the page.
  2. Update the information you need to change.
  3. Click the “Update Group” button to save those changes.

Group Details determine who can see your group's information.

No One (Hidden) - Limited to the Discussion and the Event pages, this will hide these pages from all users (including other Administrators and Publishers).

Only Group Leaders - Only individual group members who are designated as Group Leaders would be able to see these pages.

Only Group Members - Only members of the group would be able to see pages

Only Unite Users - Any users who have a login to the website would be able to see these pages.

Everyone (Public) - Anyone who visits your website would be able to see these pages.