Help Resources


Everyone needs help sometimes and your Unite site offers a few options on finding the information you need.

  • The search bar, usually in the upper right hand corner of your site allows you to search for information contained within the site.
  • Clicking on the help icon near the bottom right corner of the screen will allow you to search for help articles. Examples include, “How do I create a new page?” or “How do I create a new Calendar”. When you find an article you can click on it to be taken to our help system. Once here you are able to search the entire listing which contains more articles about Church 360° Unite.
  • The "Send us a Message" feature will allow you to send a message to software support.

To search for a help article,

1. Once you are signed in you will see the help Icon in the lower right hand corner of the site. Click on this icon to open the help widget
2. Type in what you are looking for. Examples might include, How do I create a new page or How do I add members to a group.
3. Once you type in what you are looking for the results will be displayed as suggested articles. If nothing appears please try your search again.
4. Once you find the article that you are looking for click the link to open the selected article. It will be displayed in the help widget.
5. Once you are done viewing the article click on the “X” to close the help widget.

Note: If you scroll to the bottom of a help article it will contain a link that will allow you to see the article within the help system and allow you to see the other related articles.