Church 360° Unite gives you the ability to use styles to transform your website.  Under the Themes tab, you will be able to edit existing styles or create brand new ones.

You will find various options to customize your style.

While editing your theme, keep in mind that Heading 1 through 6 and normal are already being used by your website so any changes made to these will affect your entire site.

  • Block Styles - This style makes changes to an entire paragraph
  • Inline Styles - This style will only effect a few words in a paragraph.
  • Font Family - This allows you to choose from a wide selection of fonts.
  • Font Style - This allows you to change the text to be Normal, Normal Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.
  • Font Size - This gives you the ability to choose from a range of font sizes.
  • Text decoration - Additions to text include None, Underline and Line Through.  
  • Color - This color option allows you to select the color of your choice.  You have a few different ways of selecting your color.  You can use the RGB values, the Hex value or the HSL value. 
  • Background color - Only available if you are using the Block option, this option allows you to use RGB values, Hex values or HSL values to decide on a background color for your text.
  • Margin  - With this option, you are able to adjust the Top, Right, Bottom and Left area outside the border. See image below for reference.
  • Padding - This option will update the Top, Right, Bottom and Left space between the content and the border. See image below for reference.
  • Border - This option will adjust the Top, Right, Bottom and Left limits surrounding the content. See image below for reference.