Data Sent from Church360° Unite to Shepherd’s Staff


Church360° Unite has a helpful feature where changes made by Unite users to the site's online directory can be synced with the church's Shepherd's Staff software to apply the updates to the church database.

It is important to note that this is an update process for records that already exist in Shepherd’s Staff and were synchronized to Church360° Unite. For this reason, one cannot add new households, people or alternate addresses through Unite as they will not import into Shepherd’s Staff. 

Shepherd’s Staff retrieves the following information from Unite during the sync:

Person Data

  • Title
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Suffix
  • Preferred/nickname
  • Maiden name
  • Sex

Contact Data

  • Cell phone
  • Work phone
  • Home phone
  • Household e-mail
  • Personal e-mail
  • Work e-mail
  • Alternate address information, if the alternate address record already existed in Shepherd’s Staff
  • Begin and end dates for alternate addresses do not transfer to Shepherd's Staff

Important Exceptions

  • One cannot change the “listed/unlisted” flag for phone numbers by using Unite.
  • One cannot change the “listed/unlisted” flag for e-mail addresses by using Unite.
  • One cannot add people or households to Shepherd’s Staff by using Unite.
  • One cannot add alternate addresses to Shepherd’s Staff by using Unite.
  • Alternate address begin/end dates do not transfer from Unite.
  • One cannot change the name of a Household by using Unite.

Note: Deleting a Person in Church360° Unite does not delete the person from your Shepherd's Staff database.