How do I add my Email Account to my Email Client?


If your church has a domain through Concordia Technology Solutions and has an email package, and you’ve been provided with one of those email addresses, you may want to be able to access that email address outside of the webmail portal provided. If this is the case, you will need to set up your email address in an email client.

This article will discuss the proper settings you need as well as how to set up your email client in one of the most popular email clients, Microsoft Outlook. However, these directions can be used for other email clients as well.

To set up your email in Microsoft Outlook, first, open Microsoft Outlook.

In the top left corner of the page, click on File, and then click the “Add Account” button. From here, depending on your version of Outlook, your directions may vary slightly, the version described here is for Outlook 365.

Fill in your email address in the “Email address” box and click the “Advanced options” button.

Check the box for “Let me set up my account manually”, and then press Connect.

Then, select the “IMAP” option. It will most likely fail. This is normal.

Click the “Change Account Settings” button. From here, use the settings below to set up your account.

Username: Your Full Email Address
Password: Your Email Password

Inbound and outbound mail server hostname:
The ports can be left blank to use the default values.  However, if you need them: 

  • Inbound port: SSL993 | Non-SSL: 143 
  • Outbound SMTP port: SSL465| Non-SSL: 25 or 587

After filling in these settings, click Connect, and your account will be added to Outlook.

Note: If you’re trying to add your email to an iOS device, be sure to enter your email address and password for the Outbound SMTP server The device may say this is optional, but, if this isn’t entered, you won’t be able to send emails from your phone with this account.