Styles Overview


Church 360° Unite gives you the ability to create styles to transform your website.  Under Themes --> Styles you will be able to edit existing styles or create brand new ones.  Here is a basic overview of the options that you will be able to change and what they each do.

There are two style types, Block and Inline.  The block style will make changes to an entire paragraph while inline styles only effect a few words in a paragraph.

Next we have our font options:  Font FamilyFont Style and Font Size.  The font family will allow you to choose from a wide selection of fonts.  The font style option allows you to change the text to be Normal, Normal Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.  The font size option gives you the ability to choose from a range of font sizes.

The next options we have are Text DecorationColor and Background Color.  Text decoration options include None, Underline and Line Through.  The color options gives you the ability to select the color of your choice.  You have a few different ways of selecting your color.  You can use the RGB values, the Hex value or the HSL value.  More information about changing the color can be found here.(  This process will be the same for the background color as well (Note:  this option is only available if you are using the Block option.

The last set of options that we can adjust within styles are MarginPadding and Border.  With the margin option you are able to adjust the Top, Right, Bottom and Left margins.  For the padding you will also be able to update the Top, Right, Bottom and Left padding.  All for options will be available for the Border as well.  I have included an image that shows how the three settings work.  Padding is the space between the content and the border, whereas margin is the space outside the border.


Note:  Please keep in mind that Heading 1 through 6 and normal are already being used by your website so any changes made to these will affect your entire site.



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