How do I sync Church 360° Unite with my Shepherd's Staff data?


Once you have completed the integration process with your Shepherd's Staff the next step will be to sync the data.  Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Open up your Shepherd's Staff program and go into the Membership Module.

  2. Once in Membership click on Tools then Church 360° Unite.

  3. Verify on the "Settings" Tab that your Unite Account Token and Subdomain are listed.  If they are not see "How do I integrate Church 360° Unite with my Shepherd’s Staff data?" for that process.  Note:  if this is your first time running the sync process I would click the Sync Option "Send everyone who appears in Church 360° Unite" then go back to the "Synchronize" tab

  4. Once on the Synchronize tab click "Sync"  This will start the sync process.

  5. Once the process has finished close the sync window and log back into your Church 360° Unite website to verify that the data has been synced.

Note:  When you make changes in Church 360° Unite you will need to run the sync process in Shepherd's staff before the updates will show.

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