How do I invite people to my website?


When creating your Church 360° Website you will want to invite your church members to login and take full advantage of the website.  Here are the steps to invite people to the website.

  1. Once logged in click on "Users" on the Admin Bar located at the top of the page.  Once there the first step is to make sure that you have people listed on the "Users" page.  If you have Church 360° Members they will be shown automatically in Church 360° Unite once entered into Church 360° Members.  If you have Shepherd's Staff you will need to go through the sync process to add your people to you users page.  See "How do I sync my Shepherd’s Staff data?" for more information about that process.  The last thing that we need to do is to make sure that each person listed has their own unique email address.  If a family shares an email address the first user that gets signed in will have that email attached to their record.  All other users will need their own unique email address.

  2. Click the check box to the left of the person's name that you wish to invite.  If you want to select everyone click the check box to the left of "Name".  This will highlight everyone in the list.

  3. Click "Change Role".  This displays a list of the roles that you can give users.  Note:  If you are inviting multiple people and they have different roles invite one role first then invite the other individuals with their role.  Anyone that does not have an email address will be listed.  In order for those individuals to be invited an email address will need to be added to their record.  It can be added from the Change Role window.  When selecting everyone it will also select people who have already been invited.  If you choose the role of User it will change their selected role to be User.  It will not change your current role.

  4. Choose the appropriate role then click "Update"  This will email anyone who has not already been invited and update the role of those who have been invited to the selected Role.

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