Members Page Overview


The Members page on your Church 360° Unite website lists your church members.  The information listed includes the Household Name, members of the household, address, household phone number and email address.  Both the household and the individual members information can be updated either by the Admin or the individual user.

With the household record you will be able to update the Family Name, Permanent Address, select if the address is listed or not, phone numbers, email addresses and update the family listing order. See "How do I update my household information?" for more information.

Within the individual records you will see the groups that they are a member of, any recent activity and be able to update the profile.  Items that can be updated include Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Preferred Name, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers.  See "How do I update my individual person record? for more information.

There is also a search box that will allow you to find a particular person or household.

If you are a Church 360° Members customer any changes a user makes within Church 360° Unite would sync over to Church 360° Members.  If you are a Shepherd's Staff customer and have Church 360° Unite you will need to run the sync process within Shepherd's Staff to bring any changes that were made within Church 360° Unite to Shepherd's Staff.

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