How do I add users using the CSV template?


Multiple people can be added to the site at one time versus adding them one by one.  Here are the steps to add multiple people to your site at one time.

  1. Click "Users" on the Admin Bar located at the top of the page.

  2. Click "Add People" then "Download CSV Template".  This will download the template file for you.

  3. Add the individuals that you are wanting to import to the CSV file.  The file format is First Name, Last Name and Email address (not required but is needed if you want to be able to invite the person to login into the website).

  4. Once you have added the individuals Save the file.  Go back to your Users page and click "Add People" then click "Import From CSV".  

  5. Locate your saved file then click on it to select it. Click "Open".  Verify the names that are listed and Click "Add".  This will add the individuals to the website.  

Note:  any individuals that you add this way will not be combined into a family.  They will be listed as individuals on the Members page.  If you have Church 360° Members or Shepherd's Staff add the individuals using your Church Management Software and sync them to your Church 360° Unite website.

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