How do I link text?


Hyperlinking text allows you to create links to other pages in your site, an outside website, an anchor within the document, a file to download, or an email address.

  1. Go to the page where you want to hyperlink text and click on Edit Page to activate edit mode.

  2. Type in the text that you want to link or select existing text by highlighting it.

  3. Click the icon that looks like a chain link and choose your link option.  If you choose "a page or feed in my site" chose the page that you want to link (note:  the page must already be created) then click "OK".  If you choose "any URL" type in the web address (make sure to type it in as and choose the Target (New Window (_blank) is the most common choice) then click "OK".  If you choose "an anchor within this document" select an existing anchor that you have on the page then click "OK".  If you choose "a file that users can download" click on Upload (this will open a file explorer allowing to you to choose the file that you want users to download) and select the file and click on Open.  Once the file has finished uploading click on "OK".  Once that is done right click back on the linked text and do Edit Link and set the Target to New Window (_blank).  If you choose "an email address" enter the Email Address, a Message Subject and the Message Body then click "OK".

  4. Click "Save" to finalize your changes.

Here is an example of using "link to a page or feed in my site".

Note:  images can be linked as well.

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