How do I integrate Church 360° Unite with my Shepherd’s Staff data?


Shepherd’s Staff can integrate with Church360° Unite. Syncing your Shepherd’s Staff data allows you to have membership information (Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Numbers) stored in your website that users can update. When they update their information in Church360° Unite, you can run the sync process which will update the individual's information in Shepherd’s Staff.  Also if you make changes in Shepherd's Staff you will also be able to send those changes to Church 360° Unite.  See "How do I sync Church 360° Unite with my Shepherd's Staff data?" for more information about the sync process.

  1. Click  “Settings” in the Admin bar located at the top of the screen. Select the “Integration” tab on the left side of the window.

  2. Follow the steps listed to integrate your Church 360° Unite website with your Shepherd's Staff data.

Note:  If you have any issues getting this setup please call support at 800-346-6120.