How do I unlist a user?


Unlisting a user removes him or her from the “Members” page on your website. 

  1. Click “Users” in the Admin Bar located at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the user(s) you want to unlist by checking the box next to the correct name(s).

  3. Click the “Unlist” button.  This will remove them from the "Members" page.  The process will be the same for anyone who is currently unlisted and you want them to be listed.  Instead of clicking unlisted click "List".  This will cause the selected person to be shown on the directory.

Note:  Once a person has been marked as unlisted the only way to see their existing information is to change them back to listed.  For the individual to see their own record they would need to click on their name located next to Welcome, (Your Name, Settings, Sign Out).  Clicking that will take you back into your person record where you can choose to be listed again on the church directory.

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