How do I add a new user?


You can add a new user to your Church360° Unite site and give that user permission to access certain features on the site.

  1. Click “Users” in the Admin bar located at the top of the screen.

  2. Click “Add People”.  This will open a window allowing to you add the individual.

  3. Type in the first name, last name, and email address of the individual.  Click “Add” to add that person into your list.  Once the first person has been added if you press the enter key it will add another line allowing you to add additional individuals.  See "How do I invite people to my website?" for more information about inviting users to login to your website.

  4. Once you have clicked the "Add" button the individual will be added to the list.  You can repeat this process for any additional people that you need to add.  If you have several people you can use the "Import From CSV" option.  See "How do I add users using the CSV template? for more information.

Note:  Any person that is added using this method will automatically be marked as listed.  See "How do I unlist a user?" for more information.  If a person is added using this method they will not be placed into an existing household.  The will be listed by themselves.  If you wish to add a person to an existing household add the person in Church 360° Members or in Shepherd's Staff and sync them over.


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