Adding DNS Records for Domains


DNS Records can also be known as host records as well. For your domain’s SSL to show as secured you will need to add in these two records:

                                                                CNAME Record:

                                                                A Record:

For the CNAME record “subdomain” is your church’s actual subdomain and you can find out what your church’s subdomain is by logging into Church 360° Unite and then under Settings select Domain. Once in Domain you will see your what the CNAME and A record for your church is supposed to be, you can also list your church’s domain here if you have one so your domain points towards unite.



To add DNS records to your domain you are first going to need to find out who your domain provider is you can find that information out by going to this website and typing in your church’s Domain.

Once you have found out who your domain provider is you are then going to need to either go to their website and login with your user information or to call the company to see if they can make the change to the DNS records for you. Then after you have logged in depending on who your domain provider is you will need to find where to edit you DNS records it is usually located under Domain on the providers website and there is usually an option to manage DNS or manage host records. The name depends on who your provider is.

Some of the major Domain Providers are GoDaddy, Google, and Tucows Domains as an example. With Tucows Domains it is usually a reseller who you would need to contact to update your DNS records for  any domain changes. To find out who your reseller is with Tucows you will need to go to their website and search for your domain.

Here is how you can edit the DNS records for GoDaddy and Google.

With GoDaddy what you are going to want to do is first login to their website once there you will then want to find your church’s Domain and click on it to access the Domain Settings. Once in Domain Setting you select Manage DNS under Additional Settings. Once you have clicked on Manage DNS you should now see the DNS records for your church where you will be able to add/edit the CNAME and A records for your Church.

These articles from GoDaddy’s help center may be helpful as well and


With Google you will want to first Login to Google Domains with the account used to purchase the domain name. Once you have logged in you will then want to click on the domain name and then select Manage DNS to gain access to the DNS Records. After clicking on Manage DNS you are going to want to go to Custom resource records where you will be able to add in the CNAME and A record for your church.

Here is an article from rocketspark that give good instructions for adding in DNS records on Google Domain as well.